The Men Behind


Vikas Singh


Being an Organizational Development practitioner, spiritual trainer and a modern age management guru, Vikas Singh leads m-apps training from the front. He is a university topper in MA Philosophy and an MBA in Human Resource Management. Prior to m-apps, he                                                         has successfully led two business schools.

Under his pro-active leadership m-apps training has become central India’s largest and most admired technology training company in less than a year’s time. m-apps is the group company of Astute Systems Technology Pvt. Ltd. (ASTPL) which is among the finest companies in VAS product development. Vikas also heads the training and consultant department of ASTPL. Under his command, ‘m-apps’ has become the most prominent content development and resource training partner for companies like Nokia, Microsoft, Samsung and Micromax. A management philosopher at heart, Vikas is very popular among youth because of his passion for helping, teaching, training, mentoring and consulting. His excellent command over various subjects of Management, Philosophy and Psychology is well evident in his seminars and workshops for students and professionals.

Vijay Jain

Director & Founder

An Engineering Graduate and Masters in Advanced Computing with a rich experience of 15 years in the Wireless industry, Vijay is a serial entrepreneur. ‘m-apps training’ is his social entrepreneurship venture through which he envisions to serve the IT and Mobile Industry at large by training young engineers on latest technologies.

Apart from ‘m-apps training’, he has also co-founded Astute Systems Technology Pvt. Ltd., m-AdCall Digital Media Pvt. Ltd., m-AdIdeas, m-Apps Education Pvt. Ltd., m-appsLab, Indi-Mobi, and Divine Lab and holds majority stake in these companies. Before spearheading his own ventures, Vijay was Vice President at NTT Docomo, Japan. At NTT, he led the R&D team of WCDMA and was responsible for launching World’s First Mobile TV Phone. Earlier to that, he served as Senior Consultant with IAP Tokyo, Japan. His career began in 1999 with Zenith Infotech as a Wireless Consultant. At m-apps training, Vijay leads technology training and R&D initiatives and formation of new training programs.

Jay Kumar Jain

Director & Founder

A voracious reader and a passionate leader Mr. Jay Jain is a globe trotter. A Post Graduate in Finance, he began his entrepreneurial journey in his early teens contributing to the family business as well. Besides ‘m-apps training’ Jay co-founded Astute Systems Technology Pvt. Ltd., m-AdCall Digital Media Pvt. Ltd., m-AdIdeas,

m-Apps Education Pvt. Ltd., m-appsLab, Indi-Mobi, and Divine Lab with his brother Vijay Jain. Jay is an ‘out of the box’ thinker, always ready to experiment and prepare his all organizations to embrace the next wave. He has rare quality to generate unique, invariable and innovative solutions of strategic importance. At ‘m-apps training’, he is responsible for bringing through strategic partnership with the companies across the globe. Jay has an enviable ability to read pulse of the technology market. His impeccable command over monitoring and understanding market behavior enables him (and the organizations he leads) to make strategic maneuvers well in advance thus keeping his companies ahead of the competition.