September 24, 2015

The Group

One of the foremost in mobile technology market in Central India is a Group of companies pioneered by Astute Systems Technology Pvt. Ltd., Indore in 2005. It is the leader in On Device Portal (ODP), mobile video advertising solutions, managed services and offers a high-performance ‘m-AdCall’ platform that creates a responsive and trusted environment for accelerating the mobile video advertising service over the Telco Networks. One of the exclusive content managing company is ‘Indi-Mobi’ which provides authentic Indian mobile content. The group has not only engaged in Mobile Value Added Services but is also giving an enhanced edge to brands via apps and games. M-AdIdeas indulges in creating a bank of ad-ideas for the same. Besides these, as social entrepreneurial venture ‘m-apps training’ was launched to make youths mobile-industry ready and cater to the severe unemployment crunch in nation. To contribute to educational sector, m-apps edu was conceived that primarily brings educational material easily available on tablets. Over the years the Astute and its partners have recorded a steady accelerating growth in the mobile technology sector. Below are the details about each company.

astute80x40-1 Astute Systems Technology Pvt. Ltd.


Astute is one of the leading player in mobile value added services (VAS) and had been founded in early 2005. Since 2005, the company was extensively engaged in development of movie portals and Indian centric devotional apps, local games and exclusive catalog of regional apps irrespective of device support. The company had extended it’s small movie portals to extensive On Device Portal (ODP) as Triple Play Storefront. It’s one of the unique kind of ODP which is focused on Triple Play strategies ie. targeting Voice (Voice Network Channel), Access (Data Channel) and Media (memory space available with device).


M-AdCall Digital Media Pvt. Ltd.


m-AdCall Digital Media is an innovative startup focusing on digital marketing, branding and advertising mind space. m-AdCall has been set up to provide free talk time, render more surprises, benefits and amazing merchandising to all the users of their beloved companion- mobile. They can simply view seamless rich video ad of their favorite brands on the go – anytime, anywhere while making any voice calls or VAS calls without intrusion on their user behavior. m-AdCall has pioneered a unique ecosystem where advertisers, mobile operators and OEMs are mutually benefitting each other.


m-AdsIdeas aims to help Ad agencies and companies to use mobile technology in immensely creative way for promoting their brands. M-AdIdeas provides a huge repository of ad-ideas with their different brand app-stories, different app designs and live-app videos as well. Analysis of brand value enhancement is also provided to top it all. If the brands have their own app idea, we work to enhance and execute it or else innovative ideas are churned out for promoting them. Using creatives of the brand itself brand apps/ games are created.